Laurence Smith

Designer, Painter and Martial Artist

Designer, Painter and
Martial Artist

Creative Direction / Concepts

Creative Direction / Concepts

The innovation of creative deliverables for design, communications and media production is my lifelong pursuit. I believe in seeing a vision through for each project, establishing a positive culture with the core team. I firmly stand by pushing the envelope as an intricate part of any successful campaign.

Omnichannel solutions

If one visions, designs and builds with the intention of an omni-channel experience when there is none present, they are enforcing an enumerable amount of opportunities to seize. We should leave no stones unturned.

Visual Design

Understanding that the six fundamental principles of visual design exist off the screen as well as on, will allow us to incorporate the fundamentals into our daily life which will unconsciously reflect in our work.


Every well designed interface is more than just a piece of art, it also needs to be a positive experiential work that is intuitive and simple.

17+ Years of Clients

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